No two workouts are alike. Because no two people are alike.

JAXJOX on-demand classes offer the most variety by combining strength, cardio and recovery in one fun, motivational experience.


Our signature JAXJOX 360 class combines strength training, cardio and recovery in 45 minutes. You’ll get your heart rate up, build lean muscle and recover for a total body workout.


Access JAXJOX SWEAT to meet your cardio cravings. We utilize a wide variety of equipment, exercises, and plyometrics to get your heart pumping to the beat of the music.


JAXJOX STRONG classes focus on heavier sets and tools like negatives, tempo training, and isolations to help you build muscle. If your focus is to feel stronger and challenge your body- STRONG is for you.


Just like the name suggests, JAXJOX CHILL is here to help you recover. Recovery is so crucial in order for your body to be able to PERFORM in your workouts. You’ll find short mobility and foam roller routines to do post workout or on your active recovery days.


Learn the breakdown of standard strength, cardio and recovery workout moves before jumping into a live or on-demand class. These five minute videos will teach you proper form and have you feeling confident in no time.

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