Look at you getting all fit and happy and stuff!


Everybody wants to be happy.
Everybody wishes to be healthy.
Everybody needs a little lift.

Design focused

JAXJOX is a beautifully designed, interconnected family of core, strength, running, yoga and tracking fitness accessories. The first comprehensive and authentic fitness brand where yoga mats, kettlebells, activity trackers, jump ropes and everything else you need to stay fit is presented under one motivating and entertaining brand experience.

Connected. For a happier you.

You get bored easily with working out. We get that. So do we. That’s why each JAXJOX fitness accessory, every dumbbell, yoga mat, kettle bell, fitness tracker and jump rope comes with its own unique identifying number. Combine numbers and get home exercise routines that make working out more interesting, more inspiring, even worth getting up early for. The workouts will change regularly, so crank your tunes up, move the cat, work out in your socks if you want. JAXJOX doesn’t judge.

Workouts. For people who don’t always like to workout.

Some people just don’t like to pull their gym stuff together, hop in their car, (or walk) all the way to a gym they last saw a month ago, change with strangers, workout with people you don’t know, shower in iffy places and get home with a wet head. We can’t imagine why?!! That’s why there is JAXJOX. Workouts that combine all our products in entertaining and inspiring ways to help you stay fit and healthy – and most importantly happy – at home sweat home.

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