Foam RollerConnect

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The JAXJOX Foam RollerConnect is the smarter way to activate and recover your muscles. It features five vibration intensity levels to help you recover faster, pre-programmed activities to match your workout, and three different massage zones on the exterior to help you alleviate muscle soreness and improve your range of motion. Connect it to the JAXJOX App to track your recovery activity.

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Connect to a Stronger and Fitter You

JAXJOX makes it easy to stay fit from the comfort of home, with a suite of connected strength training, cardio, and recovery equipment. Bring them all home today and connect to the JAXJOX app for easy, rep-by-rep tracking.

The First-ever Connected Foam Roller

The Foam RollerConnect’s breakthrough technology allows you to track your recovery activity. Connect your Foam RollerConnect to the JAXJOX App or Apple Watch to control the foam roller setting and track your recovery duration, muscle groups, and more. Learn how to recover by streaming JAXJOX’s free guided routines in the JAXJOX app.

Prevent Muscle Injury and Relieve Tension

The sleek exterior design and advanced technology of the Foam RollerConnect result in a foam roller that operates at varying vibration frequencies. When activating sore or injured muscles by vibration at an optimal frequency, the scar tissue begins to break up, alleviating muscle soreness and stiffness and improving your range of motion.

Recover with Intelligence

JAXJOX uses a proprietary algorithm to recommend duration and intensity based on completed activity. Simply select your activity and specify a muscle group and the Foam RollerConnect will automatically predict the duration and intensity level, providing you with the most effective way to recover.