Acupressure Massage Mat


Acupressure Massage Mat

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Stress and Anxiety Reduction

It helps to reduce your stress levels and anxiety leading to reduced blood pressure.


JAXJOX acupressure mat reduces muscle tension, back pain and provides great healing benefits. It also alleviates your headaches.

Enhances Relaxation

The massage mat helps you to relax and promotes circulation.

Bed of Nails. 

The JAXJOX® acupressure massage mat is ergonomically designed to target the areas of need, offers perfect consistency for your neck, lumbar, under the feet, or on any curved area of the body. It is designed to balance and help with tense muscles, head, neck pains and aches, mental stress and poor sleeping. Breathe. JAXJOX® helps everything feel just right.


Product Features

Plastic Spikes

It supports your back, improves circulation and helps your aches and pains. It also relieves insomnia.

Pressure Points

The massage mat stimulates a variety of acupressure points and releases the pressure.

Multiple Uses

You can sit up with the mat on the floor, chair and car and also carry out yoga exercises. It is compact and can be transported easily.

Product Specifications

Length 410 mm
Height 65 mm
Width 330 mm
Weight 0.41 kg

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