Hey you’re lookin’ good. Let’s track it!

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Track your daily steps and distance. Get a complete metric of your weekly and monthly stats. Take advantage of the JAXJOX app that notifies you every km you go.


Monitor your heart rate real time and see the calories you’ve burned. Get a workout summary when you complete your activity, plus weekly and monthly progress.

Date and Time

Get a complete history of all your workouts at a glance. The date and time feature gives you a great snapshot of how you are progressing over time. Great things are ahead.

Track your heart rate while you’re exercising.

Use your JAXJOX Smart Heart Rate monitor to track your daily activities and get a complete metric of your weekly and monthly stats. Use settings to set your goals, then get tracking.

Keep up on sleep habits. Stay on top of calories.

Measure your daily sleep and check in regularly for a complete metric of your weekly and monthly stats. The JAXJOX smart scale connects with the app to measure your weight, BMI, body fat, bone, muscle mass, visceral fat, water and BMR.


Multiple Device Syncing is simple.

Easy set up and easy syncing. Sync most JAXJOX products on the JAXJOX app. View all your current day’s metrics on the home dashboard. We’ve made it easy, because you’re doing the hard part.


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