What weight increments will be available?

12lbs, 18lbs, 24lbs, 30lbs, 36lbs, 42lbs


Is there any assembly required?

The shell, base, weights, and charging cable & AC adapter will be in the box. Our instructions walk you through correctly placing the base on the floor and stacking the weights in order before attaching the shell.


What iOS/Android version do I need to download the JAXJOX app?

For iOS devices, you must have iOS version 10 or higher installed on your device. For Android devices, you must have Android version 5 or higher installed on your device.


What if my kettlebell is not connecting to my app?

Please make sure your Bluetooth is turned on for your device and that your KettlebellConnect™ is charged and nearby.


What are the features and functions of the JAXJOX app?

After inputting your profile information, the JAXJOX app will calculate your Fitness IQ, a simple, easy to understand, measurement of your fitness level. You can set your kettlebell workout goals by defining reps, sets, and weight while tracking progress along the way. The app also includes workout videos to take the guesswork out of your exercise.


How do you adjust the weight in the kettlebell and how long does it take to switch weights?

Choose the desired weight by pressing the – or + sign on the base. The KettlebellConnect™ can be adjusted from 12lbs to 42lbs in increments of 6lbs. You can cycle through the available weight continuously, meaning if you are on 42lbs, you can quickly change to 12lbs by pressing the + button. The KettlebellConnect™ takes approximately 3 to 5 seconds to change your selected weight. The KettlebellConnect™ will beep once when ready for use.


My KettlebellConnect™ is not adjusting weight, what should I do?

Ensure the kettlebell shell is properly seated before adjusting the weight. The kettlebell will beep when seated correctly. Verify the weights are stacked correctly in the right order. The weight of the kettlebell shell may be misaligned with the weight on the base.


My KettlebellConnect™ is not beeping when reseating the kettlebell shell onto the base.

When reseating the kettlebell shell, ensure it is aligned correctly with the base. The handles should align with the wings on the base. Ensure the kettlebell shell is fully seated completely- there should not be space between the shell and the base. Verify that the weights are stacked correctly in the right order.


The weight on the kettlebell shell is not matched to the weight on the base.

Manually adjusting the weight of the kettlebell shell may cause damage to the device or cause a mismatch between the weight of the kettlebell shell and the base. WARNING: Perform these following actions low to the ground and keep all body parts out of the direct path of the kettlebell weights. Weight mismatch can be corrected by manually removing the weights in the kettlebell shell and adjusting the shaft to the correct position. Flip the kettlebell shell upside down so you are viewing the underside of the shell. Locate the shaft in the center of the shell and press the locking pin and turn the shaft counter-clockwise. Pressing the locking pin will unlock any weights inside the kettlebell shell, and may result in serious injury if allowed to fall. Slowly rotate the kettlebell shell right side up, keeping one hand on the weights inside to slowly lower them out of the kettlebell shell and onto the ground. With the all weights removed from the kettlebell shell, press the locking pin and turn the shaft counter-clockwise until the teeth are aligned with the middle of the kettlebell shell.

Return the weights to the base in the right order. Ensure the weight on the base is set to 12 lbs. Return the kettlebell shell to the base. The KettlebellConnect™ should now operate correctly.


How can I clean my KettlebellConnect™?

Prior to cleaning, unplug the KettlebellConnect™. To clean the kettlebell shell, use a dry or slightly damp cloth. Avoid using detergents. Avoid water coming in contact with the base, as it contains sensitive electronics.


What is JAXJOX’s return policy?

To qualify for a refund, the following conditions must be met:

You must contact JAXJOX® within 30 days of your purchase date.

You must return the product to JAXJOX® to receive a refund. Returned Product(s) must be in good physical condition (not broken or damaged). All components originally included with your purchase must be included with your return.

Shipping and handling charges, gift wrap fees, and taxes paid (such as state, customs, or VAT) are not refundable. You are responsible for all shipping charges and you assume the risk of loss or damage to the returned Product(s) while in transit back to JAXJOX®.


I just did a few sets but my app isn’t showing the data.

To gain the data from your most recent workout, you need to make sure that the kettlebell is placed back into the base and wait until it beeps once.


Do I need to place the kettlebell back in the base after every set for the app to count?

You don’t! You can finish your whole workout while placing the kettlebell on the ground in between sets and place your kettlebell back in the base when you are finished. The KettlebellConnect™ will remember each set you have done.


I just finished a set but my app did not count it, why?

The KettlebellConnect™ won’t sense a movement that is too smooth or slow, or if the movement is less than seven inches. In a safe way, try making your movement more distinguished. The KettlebellConnect™ also will not count a set if it consists of less than five reps.